Today I will talk with you and you FX 5 tips you can actually use (if you do not know already). Ok, if you made popcorn, I'll start the show.

# 1 - Forex is a volatile character, and you must answer them.

We all know that the Forex market is the most active and volatile markets in the world, futures, stocks, etc. That said, make sure you have your trading to meet him. By this I mean to bend the rules for practice in the market you are trading in. and adapted, does not mean you have very tight stop loss for how to have a chance against you, even if you have a very good configuration. Sense?.

# 2 - Not more than 7% loss in a month (I used 5%).

Be sure to allow a limit on the monthly loss, the force per calendar month. Provision means your losses. The percentage of shares% of your total balance. So if you start at $ 10,000 and if you want to install the drawing 7% maximum, you're pretty good sale if you want to beat a loss of $ 700 I personally use 5% of my maximum monthly draw (I am conservative).

# 3 - Learn to sell when I'm on (. Overtrading risk).

If you're ahead of the game, learn to control your emotions and away from it all, or you may lose your earnings and pants. Exit the terminal, to help support himself, rocksteady and head in the clouds. This is the mark of a true and good operator.

# 4 - Market gives advice. This is generally fast when you're wrong (ie, you hear and obey the signal).

100 trades I take, which is rarely a time when the market does not give any warning about their daily consult over. It's one of those things you just know when it happens, when it happens, you have to consider, and easy to obey and follow the market. No one is faster than the market itself.

# 5 - Do not bet on a recovery. Bet on the trend should continue in place.

Finally, most of the time, the market will continue doing what it has always done. Can not remember where Newton's law says something to move me is in motion until a force acts against staying there. The forex market trend is no exception.

Okie dokey. I had fun writing for you. Follow these tips for your own commercial gain and be sure to get ahead of the game. Good trading!.