Ask yourself what makes a successful entrepreneur tick? What separates the winners from the average trader trader? Research shows that every trader possesses these 5 specific characteristics:.

1) Be disciplined.
2) hold.
3) Treat trading as a business, not a hobby.
4) Being indifferent.
5) setting goals.

Read, understand and imitate, to help you become a profitable trader.

1) disciplined.

Anyone can get lucky and money in the Forex market, but discipline can make money consistently over time. A disciplined is the most important factor that determines the success of distance. Every professional trader knows that the process or business strategy determines its success. Here's how to follow the strategy that matters.

Its business strategy is the compass and tell you where to go and how to get there. Do not miss. Do not do business because "as" a particular currency, or because you "think" is a good start in a particular currency. If you start taking this kind of arbitrary decisions, you lose and start losing money.

After your system is always the best option. You must have the discipline to follow your strategy through a dry spell.

2) hold.

Everyone fails. But not everyone knows how to return an error. Many successful forex traders today began his career as traders lose their bankroll. Millions of people are attracted by promises of easy money exchange, and unfortunately lose most of us who are trying a lot of money. Therefore, losing money is a prerequisite for successful Forex? Of course not.

Most people who lose money, you will never succeed. They become depressed, discouraged and give up trading immediately. At the other extreme, some people losing their first $ 10,000 or borrow $ 10,000 and lose in the same way.

Beginners lose money, it is a fact. But otherwise, learn from your mistakes be your biggest mistake.

Take the opportunity to learn from mistakes. Did you act based on emotions? Did you act on the basis of a tip? Is that your strategy is not the current market trend? You risk too much money for an operation? Did you misread the cards? Were you excited? These are the questions you need to ask yourself if not. But the main question is:.

Why me know.

If you can answer this question and learn, you are probably in the form of a successful forex trader to be.

3) Treat trading as a business, not a hobby.

Face it, all of us can not leave our day jobs and start trading currencies full time. Not yet, anyway. Professional traders are better than most people traders for the simple fact that they contribute at least 40 hours a week, Forex trading or forex market research.

Forex is a business for professionals. If you lose money trading, they will lose their job. It's good motivation to be good at what you do. The same attitude to adopt, although negotiations are not their full time job. Treat it like a business and not a hobby. A hobby is something you do. Free time for fun at the A business is a business to make money.

I make money Forex trading is not fun. I have many other activities for fun me. I love running, traveling and watching television, and that makes me money. In fact, most hobbies cost money. The negotiation should not cost money, you should make money.

If you approach your trading as a business, change your appearance completely. Losing money is not acceptable in a business, because if you do it enough, you will be out of business. It will take all possible measures to stop wasting money.

A business will not grow by itself. You need to spend time learning how to become a profitable business. Use your free time to do some research on the market, read good books and attend seminars. Stop wasting your time on things that will cost you money and start investing the time to learn how to properly take on the road to financial freedom to negotiate.

"I've always believed that if you sit down, get the results I do not do things by half because I know if I do, then I can expect half-hearted results. " - Michael Jordan.

4) Being indifferent.

If you've never played poker, you know that "in all. " Your heart beats like there's no tomorrow, and hope and pray that the cards are going your way. It's the thrill of knowing that you will double your money at a time and know everything can disappear if things go wrong.

This kind of emotion should not exist in any form in your trading. If you like excitement, skydiving. If you are a player, go to a casino. If you are losing money too afraid to open a savings account.

Successful Forex traders do not let that disturb their feelings with their partners. Too often, we let fear, greed, pride gets in the way.


Fear prevents you from finding the right trades and make them lose great opportunities. The fear is due to a lack of knowledge and a good education. You're scared because you can see that trade is advertising, it does not know what the trade looks good. Once you acquire the knowledge and training, you can begin to trust their decisions, since they are based on facts and not emotion.


Greed is another feeling that we must overcome to succeed. Many beginners feel "beginner's luck" and come out on top in their first jobs. Then believe they acted with more money, its greatest benefits will begin. Therefore, the next edition of acting with a large sum of money and lose everything. Logic will dictate what they do. Using a smaller amount next time to negotiate, because they have less capital now Unfortunately, people are not logical creatures. Our ambition takes over, and we begin to believe that if we put more money to the amount lost to do, and get to the top. Unfortunately, this cycle continues until completely out of money. The worst thing that can happen to a beginner trader is to have a first successful operation.



Proud of you are getting nowhere on Forex trading. The pride keep you from learning. If you believe that you are nothing more to learn when you start to lose money. Pride stumbling block is the most difficult to overcome for some, as it is a deep part of his personality. However, we can all benefit from successful traders have yet to find and read to their success.


maintain. You can still be happy when operations go well and sad when they do not. However, these emotions should play no role in the decision for the next edition. Their decisions should be based on logic and facts emotions.

5) setting goals.

Every trader needs goals to keep them on track. It really does not matter what your goals, but it is important to write. If you do not write your goals, you never know when you have reached or not.

Everyone has a different goal when they begin to act coins. Some people want to be making a few dollars more on the business side, some people want enough to give up your day job for them. Some people are of the average return of 10% stock market tired and want your money to work in Forex.

Write and see often, so if you are on the right track towards your goals or not these objectives

know scope. Summary.

The best way to succeed in trading is to emulate the models of successful forex traders. Read, read and understand these 5 characteristics and apply it to your Forex trading career. You will find that you will be more effective if you have these five characteristics.