The newcomers are still waiting to make easy money fast in currency trading online! This is one of the most common pitfalls for forex trading beginners lose money in the currency market volatile and fast moving online currency.

After 3 days of intensive training still full of currency in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, one of our students from the Malay forex trader is very exciting to create wealth and achieve financial freedom. Since it is very desperate to earn money for their current unemployment is expected to currency trading for beginners trading life and achieve freedom of wealth in a few months! What is the plan for that? This new Trader Monthly 200% profit foreign exchange!.

After a month and online currency trading live, I checked the outcome of negotiations on this dealer Malay students. And you know what? You lose a lot of money in your forex trading account. According to him, because his capital is small, so it is not with the theory of money management and how to manage risks in the currency market. How to master the skills and technical analysis and small businesses enjoy constantly, we must ask how it is working to its goal of 200% profit per month.

By 200% in the volatile forex market is possible, but not all retailers, especially newcomers FX! First, as a new operator of money, you have to learn a forex trading system tested and shown that at least 70% to 80% chance of winning over a long period of transactions in the foreign exchange market. Along with prudent management and a low risk of money, the first novice trader can point fox earn 10% per month in the first place. To illustrate the risk management level of 1%. Put very little time for trading in the Forex market for profit, such as 1 to 2 hours per day. Have one single forex trading strategy win 70% -80%. Of the 20 trading days is 14-16 profits and 4-6 losses in Forex trading. After deducting the losing trades, you get an 8% to 10% profit per month! If a novice trader can follow this plan simple forex trading, you get the consistency of forex trading and start trading in the plan of life.

To earn more, make sure the dealer to get the consistency of the first. So maybe the dealer can increase the risk of 2% per transaction. The result is duplicated. After refinement of discipline and the mindset of a FX trader forex trader can make more transactions in the online Forex market and therefore increase the percentage of monthly income step by step!.

Remember, all the wealth with the "how" of the master formula for success of accumulated wealth. Good luck and fortune will fall worldwide. 80% of traders lose money trading strategies, because of your bad mood and lack of discipline, not because of its currency. The best forex training consists of three main elements: a proven forex trading system + management management / risk + dealer mentality.