Ernie Dahlman is one of the greatest players of the horses in the United States is $ 40,000 per day paris. 10-18000000 $ per year and it takes $ 700,000 a year, which is before taxes. This is not a player tracer. It has to do with the possibilities of n minimize risks. Where did you hear? In the forex market. Forex is a skill and must be developed day by day.

When he first came to Paris horse, studied 20hs a day learning the business. There is no such thing as a sure thing. Paraphrasing. Forex is an art, science just enough to make a small percentage of traders to take money from traders is less intelligent or less disciplined. Words of wisdom.

He calls M. O. T. O. Players (Master of Obvious). Other activities are evident to him than most people. It is based on research of another base, and as you can about forex trading. He has specialized, and I want you to think about today specialization. Specialization in the forex market, forex software, forex tools, etc.

He specializes in horseshoes. He knows more than anyone about shoes on this planet. Before the beginning of time, a person with binoculars spying iron bearing. And it is this state of the track and time.

This is not a game of this type. This is a business. It keeps a detailed log. Detailed records. Write about everything. As you may well in the Forex market. It seems that you should look for models and models to see.

Forex trading is a pattern recognition and nothing else. And I'll delve into you. At the end of our days. I want you to look at the table and say, eureka, I know what it is. If you can, you can. Forex trading in

As you lose when you lose money. He tries to keep $ 7,000 per claim. And asked how losses, said he was concerned: "I cried at the top of my lungs, the next. " He does not care about anything, no matter what happened.

What distinguishes all other bettors Ernie horses there knowledge in the whole race. Knowledge is power. There is nothing he does not know the horses, jockeys and racetracks. You know it's cold. The same goes for currency trading.