Have you ever wondered why is it that very few traders in the forex market successfully 90% of traders fail to achieve success? Here are 10 reasons.

1 Looking for quick and easy money.

I should note that Forex trading is not a get rich quick scheme. Consistent results profitable Forex trading is difficult. It requires some forex education, patience, discipline, emotional control, etc. , to get you in the world of forex trading successfully.

2 In search of the Holy Grail.

I've had people ask me. "What is the best Forex trading system at:" There is no trading system Forex Trading Many traders spend years trying to find the Holy Grail of forex trading, but could not find one. The main reason is the forex market is changing every moment.

3 inadequate education law.

One reason traders fail because they do not have sufficient appropriate training. Some people who arrived in the Forex market even opening a book or inquire about forex currency trading. Need education forex training for a currency exchange service, a system of forex trading and a mentor to train.

4 The lack of discipline.

Discipline is so important in the forex market, which will repay the profits accumulate if you live there, and can rotate in any way your Forex trading account, if you miss him.

The lack of patience. 5

Operators by

Price, I do not want to miss a golden opportunity to trade. In forex trading, there is no such thing as a golden opportunity for me because all configurations are equally important currency trading.

6 Without money management.

Most traders forget completely the risk of forex trading. Just think of what they earn and not prepared for the worst. Money management reduces the risk of each operation so that you can, tomorrow, next week, month and year.

negotiate control of their emotions.

7 If no.

Perfectionist follow his Forex trading plan. Stay calm if you lost a job, you know that there are endless possibilities deserve to win a chance. Do not let greed take over you!.

8 Having unrealistic expectations.

People in currencies think they will be successful and make tons of money to come to $ 1,000, then reach $ 100,000 in a very short time. Do you know why it is wrong if you get my free ebook forex.

9 The lack of attention and support.

Once you have a system to have a mentor who not only gives forex tips, but also the opportunity to approach the success of your learning curve is reduced, increasing confidence and doubt your reply.

10a Search thrills.

Other dealers may think it's very exciting trade the forex market, but for me is Forex Trading boring if I want to be profitable and hassle.