Today there are many people trying to trade currencies, but they do it as part time job, not a full time job. The income obtained from forex is treated as additional income, but not the main source of income. Do you know why? I would say it's because they really understand what exactly is Forex trading. FX not exactly, you lose some trade of the same income each month throughout the capital. Some people do not believe that currency trading can be a perfect business. They thought that Forex trading as gambling. There is a high risk and speculation. They thought that victory is only the beginning to lose more capital. All these considerations are true, if not really understand what forex trading is and how to control it.

Forex trading is not suitable for everyone. It's really a high-risk trade. But still, it can be your full time business that could give great freedom to enjoy his life, his work instead of 08:00-17:00 time. The good news is that Forex trading can give you good income as a source of life. Negotiate with skill, do not be surprised if your income is unlimited.

In order to become a trader, I mean full time trader, you really need to do your homework. It takes effort, perseverance and discipline. There are some rules of thumb to understand that a full time trader, is as follows:.

1.A good trader has his / her psychological control.
A winning traders think differently! A good trader has his / control greed and fear. One must be able to accept all losses. Best to put a stop loss in all areas, so you know how much money you are willing to lose if you happen to know the address, it goes against you. If you suffer a loss, do not be surprised or disappointed. Maybe it's time to sell for a few days. Sit back and watch the market that actually happened. Wait until you know the direction of the market and are confident enough that your chosen currency pair, can act again. A smart trader needs no more than once a day to negotiate every day. or commercial

2.A good dealer is more concerned about the quality of trade.
The expectations of a trader is not built on the basis of the result of any business, but is actually based on the consistent application of the input and output. This ensures that the benefits are to cover losses.

Three.A good trader always work.
What are the obligations of the concessionaire? by the task are some papers consisting of a market analysis for the entire week. You can do it on the weekend to see market trends last week. Get ready to trade in the new beginning of the week. What was the evolution of the markets? What is the market direction next week? Some people are going to rely on other parties to do their homework. Only until the new email hits the inbox of your email account waiting Forex signals say. I'm not saying that all Forex signals are misleading. No accurate forex signals. No one knows where the market is going tomorrow. People could make some predictions. His predictions are based on market analysis according to their own analysis and experience-based course. FX signals are not equal to each other. There is no right or wrong signals. Are all forecasts. I think any trader can make his / her own analysis, as long as you are willing to spend a bit of time to do market analysis. They could be your own market analysis. Must jurisdiction of trial and error. The more you see, you will be better.

In my opinion, if these three important things as mentioned above to follow, I would be delighted to welcome you as smart traders and congratulations. a full time trader