Well, that's a question that I myself, after several months of Forex Trading. After many days and nights to buy, learn and digest Forex courses, purchasing of various trading methods and 500 to 1000 pips a month forex services, I have always left me with a gaping hole in my initial capital. And so the days passed slowly began to fade my dreams of financial and personal freedom. I was a failure? It was not smart enough to become an entrepreneur? After all, these types of traders in the city some degree come from a wealthy family, and walk-in porch and Aston Martin convertible. Right? FALSE! Now I have a regular opportunity to talk to real successful traders, and believe me, they do not stereotype this! Except maybe the cars! So the truth is - yes, you can become a successful forex trader! Just learn to act!.

First, you have absolutely no mention of the currency is a business like any other business, and from day one, which should be treated as such. My first mistake was thinking I had to connect to the Internet in the morning to see a few tables open trading platform, recently acquired in my service, do some crafts and lunch that I have money in the bank, and the rest of day to do what I wanted! And the next day I'll do exactly the same - it's easy! After all, had sold promises and dreams, and I was chasing the dream of wealth. I do not dream of being a successful trader. There is a problem!.

Almost all successful businesses, they want company began with the dream of owning and operating a successful business, or if you are in the world of sports, dreams of being the best in its sporty - World Champion himself! Of course most of these people have become very rich in the process, but is a byproduct of being a great success in your chosen field! So what you need to do is look at the ingredients of your success in your chosen field? Well, I can say that, basically, is the passion, dedication, hunger and desire. If you are just incredible rewards potential in the search for the currency, and this is your only concern, there is a high probability that it will be on the path to success on foot.

This happened to me in my first months of forex trading (and losing money, of course), this is that I developed a passion for the currency markets. Still do not see it does not negotiate now - I love it! And because of this, my focus has FX Research Service, my new goal, the best traders moved to develop my skills and get off promising 100 pips per month. And it will be a constantly evolving process, until the day I hang up my keyboard. World Champion and successful entrepreneurs are always looking to improve their performance - is what makes them what they are!.

So, first of all - a passion for the currency. If you do not, learn to become a successful forex trader be daunting. Can you imagine reading a lot of material on a subject you do not want? They played for 10 minutes to 10 hours, then it's not fun seems - and if it's not fun, do not you think seriously that is very long! Even with a Business Plan! It is a business, and not have been built without a successful business plan. If you have a business plan, create a trading plan. This will be your rule book. As a company policy! And as we know, there are consequences for not following company policy. and FX, the result is often an unnecessary loss of your trading account is.