Today, people around the world can open an account with a Forex broker and trading in the currency markets. But in my opinion, are the dealers that are based in the UK that has an edge over traders around the world.

Why is that? Well there are several reasons why this is so. The first reason is that, in my experience, the opening hours of the London session is the most profitable time of day (for now). I changed the name for a number of years, and I've noticed that if you trade one of the main partners, currency pairs, especially British stationed in Europe as the GBP / USD and EUR / USD, this is the trade productive period.

In the morning (UK time), currencies tend to trend strongly in one direction in the shortest time possible to earn money from this trend is much easier. In addition, there are far fewer distractions because apart from the press release occasional British or European, there is little economic data to the market, allowing you to fully concentrate on the technical analysis of the movement.

Because this meeting is probably most profitable traders, ie, in the UK (and Europe), mostly because this period is to enjoy the role of a very convenient for trade. Unfortunately, it is not so easy for U. S. merchants, for example, to negotiate the opening of London session hours, as it is the middle of the night for them.

The other main reason for the British traders have an advantage because they are not just an account with a Forex broker traditional and open all the others, but can also make use of the spread of Paris as a commercial vehicle in parallel. This is the same trade through a broker, except for one crucial difference. The benefits of Forex trading through spreadbetting is completely tax free (at the time of writing, future tax laws can change). Therefore, currency traders in the UK can be both money and want to invest in foreign exchange, although it is their full time job to know that not a penny of this income to the tax collector.

So as you can see British traders are definitely a plus when it comes to currency trading, as they have the option of a tax-free and highly profitable during the session of the meeting of the London Stock Exchange.